Project Coaching

Project coaching works solely with a project manager– sometimes even without the project coach becoming visible to the project team or project customer. The objective is to make the project manager successful in his role.
Project coaching works similar to management coaching, but for the manager of a project and with a strong technical relationship to project work. Coaching, training and consulting are combined here.

On the one hand, the project coach serves as a sparring partner who systematically solves situations and supports in decision-making problems and ambiguities. On the other hand, there is the option to show the project manager a mirror image of his way of working and derive suggestions for improvement from this. Topics like matters of attitude or management without direction in the project may be dealt with in a targeted manner in a coaching situation.

A project coaching is always preceded by a target definition that must be agreed between the project manager and his supervisor. Project coaching is highly individualised, but will have a high benefit for project work and further development of project managers at relatively low effort.