Project support is about implementing actual projects well – or saving current projects.

External support of projects is sensible where additional input is required to overcome challenges. Applications familiar to us include:

  • Preparation and performance of project initialisation. This includes ensuring the framework conditions for the project, role clarification in the project and buy-in of the stakeholders, facilitation of a kick-off event appropriate for the project order. We ensure the best start of a project.
  • Project assessment: clarification and assessment of the actual project status, uncovering weaknesses, agreement of measures. Project assessment is sensible when there is an impression that a project is no longer moving or if the interim objectives of the project are not delivered.
  • Risk workshop: uncovering project-specific risks, agreement on and initiation of measures, transfer to a sustainable project risk management.
  • Claim management: Workshop with the project team for consistent handling of interferences and changes in the project, with the objective of absorbing them positively and using them in favour of the project.
  • Project team development: team development workshop with the project team to improve cooperation and efficiency of project work.
  • Project conflict management: clarification/dissolution of conflict situations in the project team or between the project and stakeholders.
  • Project conclusion: appropriate and face-saving termination of, projects that are, e.g., difficult, failed or have been overtaken by business development. The objective is to save the investment made into project work as far as possible and come out of the project with positive experience and motivation to confidently tackle new activities without harm.

We are the catalyser for your projects being taken to success by your employees.